Monday, 11 June 2018

This Nokia phone is being launched on the internet.

This Nokia phone is being launched on the internet.

Smartphone maker Nokia is quickly launching its new phone market, which will be Nokia phones, smartphones and mobile phones, people who like Nokia are eagerly waiting for this phone. Today I will tell you about the details of all Nokia features of Nokia's upcoming phone, Nokia.
In Nokia's smartphone, you get support for Android version 7.0, which is the support of Android Knot, through which you can enjoy a lot of applications and games. In this Android mobile, you get 2 GHz octa core and 1.2 GHz quad-core i.e. two processors i.e. the speed of your mobile becomes 4x faster.

Interestingly, in this smartphone, you get a fabulous and hard processor of the VK MediaTek. Now, if you talk about this smart phone's display, then you get 5.2 inch full HD and IPS LCD display on this smartphone, which will be great if you watch a video or play a 3D game.

Now when it comes to the most important part of this mobile i.e. the storage of this mobile, you get 3 GB of RAM in this mobile, in which you can load lots of games and applications, as well as songs and videos in mobile etc. To keep you alive, you have been given a 32 GB RAM in this smartphone, in which you can load a lot of files.
Now if we talk about this smartphone's camera, then you get the 23 megapixel primary i.e. rear camera in this phone. Now, when it comes to calling selfies, Nokia is not even behind this, that is, Nokia has given us a 13-megapixel front camera in this smartphone, through which you can take great selfies. Expected price of this smartphone, which is being launched soon, with spectacular features is being told about Rs. 20,000.

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