Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Lenovo Z5: This smartphone will come with a 45-day standby battery

Lenovo Z5: This smartphone will come with a 45-day standby battery

Lenovo is not giving a single chance to create an atmosphere for his upcoming new Z5 smartphone. Recently, this upmarket smartphone was announced to have 4 TB of internal storage. There will be full screen display. And now the company's Vice President Chang Cheng has given new information about it. Cheng has said that the Lenovo Z5 will come with a standby battery life of up to 45 days. The company's VP claims that the Lenovo Z5 will come with 1080 hours standby battery life. If this claim proves to be true, then Lenovo's smartphone will become the ultimate smartphone battery.

VP Cheng of the company shared this information by sharing a post on China's social media video. In this latest teaser it has been found that the Lenovo Z5 comes with a 45-day standby battery life. However, things like voice calls, video and internet browsing are not added to standby batteries. The length of time the battery will last without using them is called standby time.

When will launch
On June 14 Lenovo can launch this smartphone. However, no formal information has been given about this.

4TB storage and 95% True Infinity screen

Earlier, Vice President Cheng Cheng had said that the upcoming flagship smartphone will come with 4 TB internal storage. This means that you can put up to 4000 GB of files in this smartphone. 2000 HD movies, 150,000 songs and about 10 million photos. The second feature which has emerged is True Infinity Display. The phone will have only 95% of the screen and will not be facilitated by Noach.

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