Thursday, 24 May 2018

Idea is giving only $ 98 to its customers so much!

Idea is giving only $ 98 to its customers so much!

Ever since she has stepped into the Indian telecom industry, she has brought every telecom company back on its back-foot. As you know, Jio is known for giving its best service at a lower price, because of this, people like it more than others, other companies continue to offer a plan to confront it.

The latest issue is linked to the telecom company Idea. Idea had launched a plan to attract its customers a few days ago and to compete with Jio. The plan price for this company is 98 rupees. Let's know what you have in this plan. What are the advantages?

Let us tell you that when you buy a new SIM of the idea, you have to recharge 98 rupees. After that, you will be given 1 GB of data per day as well as unlimited voice calls facility. Its validity will be up to 28 days.

Let me tell you that this Idea's ₹ 98 plan is for new users only. That is, you have to buy a new SIM of the idea to take advantage of this offer. You can not take advantage of the offer on your old SIM.

Note: - This information is according to the information available on the Internet, as it may be shuffling over time.

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