Thursday, 26 April 2018

Google Turned Off its Top 5 Service

Google uses all of the time nowadays. We do not think it is possible for anyone in the modern age of today to do any work without Google. Google always gives us answers to any questions anywhere, solutions to problems in minutes.

For free Internet.

Google continues to make changes to its services. Over time, new features are being added to Google's services, but do you know that Google has also shut down some of its old services.

We will talk about some of the older Google services in our article which are now discontinued.

1. Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL
This list first comes to Google's Google Pixel smartphone and Google Picture XL. Google has removed its smartphone from the online store, Google Store. Removing both of them is clear that the company has now shut down this smartphone. The reason for this is also clear that people did not like this phone. According to one data, the sale of Google Smartphone in the year 2017 was very low. Because of which Google has removed these smartphone scores.

2. Google AR platform Tango
Google has changed its augmented reality project Tango to its new AR project ARCore. Support services for Tango were discontinued from March 1, 2018.

3. Google Chrome Apps
Google informed Chrome App developers via email that the apps that were already installed will work, but the functionality will be removed in the first quarter of 2018. The Chrome Web Store's app 'Saxon Chrome' was discontinued for Windows, Mac and Linux versions of Chrome (but not for ChormeOS).

4. GTalk
Currently WhatsApp is one of the world's most popular chatting websites. Apart from this, people also chat easily from anywhere in the world through social media sites such as Facebook Messenger, Hike, Instagram. A few years ago Google tried to give such a facility to the people, but they could not succeed. Just like WhatsApp, Google launched GTalk which was a messaging site. Google did not like the GTalk people and Google had to close it. Although Google later started a new version of Google Hangouts, Google Zito was launched in 2005, while Google Hangouts was launched in 2013.

5. 'Now on Tap' feature on Google Assistant
Google had given many features in Android smartphones, one of the very interesting features was 'Now on Tap'. Through which Google will open the screen of your Android smartphone, Google lets you search for it automatically. Google's service was liked by many people, but many people were also bothered by Google's service. The 'Now on Tap' service was good for a few days, but after many problems and complaints of people, Google stopped its service.

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