Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Advanced Technology Used in Sewing Machines

Advanced Technology Used in Sewing Machines

A lot of advancements has been witnessed in the sewing industry as the use of advanced technologies in sewing machines are sought to satisfy the growing need for efficiency and productivity in the clothing industry.

In the home sewing machines, individual items are sewed using a single type of stitch. However, with advancement in technologies, new modern sewing machines now allows for easy gliding of fabric without the nuisance brought by tools in hand sewings such as needles and thimbles.

The following are some of the advanced technologies used in top sewing machines
Some of the advanced technology used in sewing machines describe above include vision sewing, pedal-less sewing, sewing machine setting via mobile phone, USB port in a sewing machine, and voice guide sewing machines. These technologies have made sewing easier and more productive regarding large-scale production and have reduced some of the nuisance originally associated with the hand sewing. For instance, Vision sewing provides the following benefits. It provides for speedy sewing process. Sewing of patterns can be automated. Garment or fabric is less handled. Does not require any sewing skills from the operator.

Some of the advanced technologies used in sewing like digital feed system ensure there is increased productivity in sewing. Improving productivity is one of the most important things in the sewing industry. Even a slight rise in productivity can positively impact efficiency by a significant margin. The rise in the cost of labor has facilitated the need to have more advanced sewing machines. Advanced technologies in sewing machines help improve productivity while also cutting on labor costs.

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