Thursday, 30 November 2017

How To Unlock Memory Card Password (4 Methods)

We always love to secure our phone data and the privacy in our memory card it might be anything and you want to secure by locking your memory card. You might know it’s always to secure your private data with password. It’s not hard to guess the password or remember the password you set but there are some times we forget that due to busy works. So, we need to remember the password if you want to unlock your memory card if cant then you need to find some alternative method.

Now here we have found some great methods to unlock the memory card easily with those methods.  They are completely easy to perform and can be done within minutes. Then here we can start guide on How to Remove Memory Card Password.
Here are those 4 easy methods to remove the Memory Card Password. Then follow these below steps.

As we said there are 4 methods to remove the password from memory card to recover the memory card password. Now you can use any one of them to unlock your memory card. So, don’t wait then follow these below steps in order to check them out.

How to unlock memory card Password on Symbian Phone:

Follow these below methods :
  • Now you need go to your Android Phone and go to File Manager from there.
  • Now you need to tap on System Folder which you can find in File Manager.
  • Then you need to find the file called mncstore.txt there.
  • Then open that folder in your Android device.
  • Now connect your Android device to PC then send this file to Computer/Laptop.
  • Now open the same file in your Computer with Notepad.
  • Now you can find the password you set for the memory card there.
So, this was the easy trick where you can easily get tour password through the folder where the password has been stored called as mncstore.  Then add the password and unlock your memory card.

How to unlock Memory Card Password using Software?

Here you need to use the software in this method to unlock the memory card.
  • Now you need to remove the memory card from your android device.
  • Then add it in the card reader.
  • Now you need to connect that device to PC or Laptop.
  • Then you need to right click on the memory card and click on the Menu option in your Computer.
  • Now you will see your memory card with removed password and completely unlocked.

Remove Password from Memory Card Using Nokia Phone

This is very easiest method which you need to follow in order to unlock your memory card in few seconds.
  • Here you just need to remove the SD card from your device and add it any Nokia E series or N Series phone and connect to the computer.
  • Now format the memory card with your system or device.
  • Now you can easily open your memory card without any password.

So it was all about how to remove password from memory card easily. I hope you will successfully remove password from your memory card using above methods. Still, if you face any problem in it, feel free to comment your problem in the comments section below.

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