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How students should use LinkedIn

How students should use LinkedIn

Abstract: In this modern world of social media students are now using LinkedIn to connect with professionals from their field of interest.

Content:LinkedIn is a social media platform or service that can be easily operated via mobile phone applications and online website. The Application was launched in the year 2003. It is a platform where the job seekers post their updated resume and employers post the jobs. It introduced the concept of online real professional platform. Now there are millions of students around the globe who are using LinkedIn to connect with people from their field of interest. It has been regarded as 20th most famous website in the world and it is available in 24 different languages.

College students should make the best use of this social media Forum as soon as they enter college as this will assist them in finding a suitable job as soon as they graduate. Instead of this many students are seen wasting their precious time on other social media forum such as Facebook and Twitter.

Here are few tips on how students should use LinkedIn:
LinkedIn can turn out to be extremely useful if you know how to make the best use of it.
1.     Get Relevant Job Notifications and Alerts:
Once a student has created his professional LinkedIn Profile an email notification can be set to receive an alerts of matching jobs. As you log into your LinkedIn professional account you will be able to view the relevant notifications on your home page which can help you in finding a suitable job.
2.     Connect with Professionals from the Same Field:
It has been observed that millions of professionals like to connect with people from their field of interest using LinkedIn. The students can use LinkedIn to connect with their family, class fellows, Co Workers, and Colleagues who belongs to the same professional field as yours and they can also endorse your skills. Endorsement of skills increases the chance of getting a good job. Latest mobile technology shows which of your contacts are using LinkedIn so you can easily connect with them.
3.     LinkedIn will tell you all about your Targeted Companies:
The greatest advantage of using LinkedIn professional network is that the online pages of targeted companies and Employers can be easily viewed by the job seeker and students. Visiting their LinkedIn homepage you can understand the details about their company, their process of hiring and view the comments of other professional people about this company. This kind of great strategy and vast research can actually help you increase your chances of employment and makes you competent in this modern world of technology.

4.     Receive Recommendations:
This Social Media platform also offers a unique feature of recommending people therefore the job seekers and students who have greatest amount of recommendations have a greater opportunity of attracting the attentions of their targeted employers. The students can use this forum to receive large number of recommendations from their friends, co-workers, professors and family members to increase their chances of getting employed soon after graduation.

5.     Stand out your LinkedIn Resume:
Many big organizations are now using LinkedIn to hire students who have an excellent and attractive resume. If the students and job seeker use LinkedIn in a proper manner and keep their resume up to date with all their skills they will increase their chance of early employment in their dream company. An attractive resume cannot be ignored and who knows you might receive a job invitation for your desirable position.

6.     Connect with Class fellows and senior Colleagues:
LinkedIn can be used to connect with class mates and senior colleagues as this will assist the students in understanding how their senior colleagues got a job or how they got employed after graduations.

7.     Opportunity to get a Job in Foreign Country:
LinkedIn can be an extremely useful social networking platform if a student intend of getting a job in a foreign country. This professional networking allows them to receive job recommendations from their desired country and help them in connecting with the employers from their field of interest thus increasing their chance of getting a job in their dream country.
It is extremely important for student to start using LinkedIn as soon as possible and keep their profile up to date with all their achievements and skills. As these are the things which will make your resume stand out in this competent world. An attractive CV, a professional picture, several recommendations, endorsements and a complete profile will make your LinkedIn profile an absolute success and will increase your chance of getting employed soon after graduation.

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