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Benefits of blogging in education

Benefits of blogging in education
The application blogs in education settings yields a lot of benefits. These benefits extend from administrative to teaching aspects on how classes should operate.
The Benefits 

Increased Exposure to Quality Content:Application of blogging in education exposes students to new reference materials which can be used as source requirement. Many students tend to apply various skills learned in class when writing blogs. This increases their chances of encountering scholarly materials such as the Eides. Most of them when given a topic to write about, the chances of them to seek additional information online that will support their views are high. They tend to search various sources using the try and error method. This finally makes them to become more conversant in differentiating the authoritative and the non-authoritative sources. Therefore, blogging can be considered as an effective tool used in educational set-up.
Aids in Critical and Analytical Thinking: Blogging has been considered as a platform which provides students with an opportunity where they can demonstrate their critical thinking skills. The skills enable them to use the writing principles and language in a proper manner. This enables them to demonstrate analytical thoughts and understanding. Also, through blogging students are able to take creative risks. Therefore, as students continue to take blog assignment, it will help them to learn various advantages such as planning, scheduling and commitments as they struggle to keep relevant to the topic they are writing about and at the same time trying to beat the deadline.
Development of Communication Skills: The use of language makes human beings unique and totally different from other species around the world. By encouraging students to communicate through the use of the blogs, it will allow them to put into practice the critical social skills. The traditional classroom alone does not give students enough time and opportunity to polish and improve their practical communication skills. Engaging blogging in education can greatly change and help students on how to use words appropriately in their right context. It also helps the students to conduct productive discussions understand on and how to issue and receive constructive feedback about the subject matter. Finally blogging will help to make appropriate comments, correspond and develop bonds through sharing common interests.

Reduces Cost and Increases Access to Materials:Theuseof blogs in education does not require or necessitateany physical printing of books. Schools incur high cost when they resume the role of printing and distributing books. But with the introduction of the online education, it has given students an opportunity to have an access to educational materials that are more quality even in those areas that have limited budget. Besides, students are able to access a wide variety of disciplines and learn different fields that are not offered in the traditional schools such as fashion industry and veterinary services. They are also able to take advance placement that may require specialized instructors.
Promotes Diversity: Theevidences collected from various researches conducted indicate that problem solving skills and creativity can be promoted through classroom diversity. This has led to increased productivity both in school and outside the school environment. Most people believe that online education is not affected or limited by distance. It has enabled many students to start experiencing diversity than when they are in the tradition classroom setting. Therefore, application of blogging in education gives students an opportunity to interact with different cultures, religion and various ethnic backgrounds. This helps them to contribute immensely to life experiences and their own perspectives regardless of their place of origin. Early exposure of students to diversity helps to mould them appropriately by instilling in them a sense of acceptance and broadening their horizons which are important in this global society.
Helps to Motivate Students: Unlike the traditional classroom where students used to turn in their assignment for the teachers to give grades, the use of blogs gives students an opportunity to comment on one’s work. This has led to creation of a health competition, a factor that has motivated most students not only for getting good grades but by the opinions and feedback given by their friends. Due to this most of their writing skills, decorative nature and their personalized aspects of their blogs have been impacted positively.
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Written by Thomas Rutledge who is an educational specialist working with writing challenged clients for more than four years nowPaper Dome. He normally provide ghost writing, coaching and ghost editing services. For more you can find him on Facebook and twitter.

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